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Affiliate Program Details :. Easy to install Plug in to a wall outlet. Designed for residential homes and small businesses, our plug-in energy management solutions allows you to utilize energy more efficiently, reducing your consumption month-over-month. Where to Install? If that location is not available, A Power Box should be placed nearest to or on the same circuit as your largest inductive loads; usually in the kitchen or laundry room. What is a Capacitor? A capacitor is a quick release battery that stores and releases energy rapidly, providing an even and regulated flow of energy to appliance motors.

This helps to reduce the amount of energy needed to run common appliances. A Power Company warrants its products to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for the absolute duration of the product.

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We offer 4 Programs for all Affiliates Made for Homes and Business of any Size in any State. Target all States for Electricity any business or home can save. Leads to start, target any industry and state. Calling and Email scripts for phone calls and sending emails. Units of measure chart when pricing kWh or mWh for electricity. Online ordering with affiliate tracking on all sales. Commission chart to see how much money you can make. Favorite Asked Questions from customers to help you understand the product more.

Affiliate Tools CRM to help you manage your leads and accounts E-Fax Service for receiving more then 1 fax at a time Phone Number with voice mail forward to any phone for tracking Website.

Copyright A Power Company. All rights reserved. Units of measure chart when pricing kWh or mWh for electricity Online ordering with affiliate tracking on all sales. Commission chart to see how much money you can make F.For commercial and industrial installations, the SolarCoin Foundation works closely with Affiliates who help to verify, process, and submit SolarCoin claims. Affiliates are usually organized as for-profit companies who receive SolarCoins from the SolarCoin Foundation for each claim they verify and facilitate for claimants.

Claiming SolarCoin is always free of charge, but Affiliates may offer separate services to their customers. Alesia Communications is a specialist renewable energy PR and Marketing agency that combines over fifteen years of experience in the energy industry with outstanding PR skills. We also provide independent advice on all solar related products and services. Join our community today! English German Chinese Spanish French. With independent, business-focused reporting, pv magazine informs on the latest solar news and worldwide market developments.

Magnefico LLC is an international consultancy boutique. We do business development, coaching and management consulting to improve the value creation through green business models.

Synergy Solar Hawaii Network Affiliate Program

English German French Thai more. SolarLux makes SolarCoin accessible. We assist energy companies and platforms to access SolarCoin for themselves as well as their customers. We help claiming SLR and advise how to use them.

Solarview is a photovoltaic monitoring center which integrate more than models of inverters in a unique interface. Solarview works in Latino America optimizating the facility management. Solcrypto focuses on processing SolarCoin applications for Japan.

Our focus is to provide tools for solar owners and energy companies to process their applications quickly with IoT and logging. Solo Energy is building the power plant of the future — the Virtual Power Plant.

Titan Eco is a SolarCoin affiliate helping solar power producers to claim their SolarCoin and advising them how to use them. We streamline practices, train installers and spread knowledge of how to get more solar installed fast and reliable.As a Solar Affiliate you can make money by linking our products to your website, social network, or classified ads.

Silicon Solar Affiliate Program

Simply sign up as an affiliate and you'll earn commission on website purchases that originated from you or others that you referred. It's as simple as 1, 2, By simply linking our products to your website you can make a commission or percentage of each sale. After you sign-up we'll send you an affiliate code which will be used to track purchases made by visitors from your website. Commissions, payments, how often, reports, etc The Affiliate commission is a percentage of the sale amount as listed below, plus a percentage of the commission of any new affiliates you sign up and affiliates they sign up.

Below is a sample diagram of net profits. Solar Direct is a trusted company doing business since Our internet website was launched in and has been successfully growing and expanding with the latest products in the solar and energy efficient industry. Solar Direct offers extensive product information, product reviews and comparisons, product selection assistance and technical support. If you need assistance or for more information regarding the Affiliate Program, please email: affiliates solardirect.

Air Energy Heat. Alternate Energ.

solar affiliate program

Ameresco, Inc. American Energy. AquaTherm Pool. Attic Breeze, L. AutoPilot Syste. Coleman Cable I.Affiliate Marketing. And you can as long as you have the right programs to promote on your site. They say necessity is the mother of invention, and that was very much why Solgaard came to be. But that means using more plastic, so Adrian Solgaard figured there had to be a better way to do things.

His solution was the Lifepack — a backpack made from plastic recovered from the oceans that also features a solar panel. Solgaard also manufactures solar slings, a number of other backpacks and laptop bags, watches and solar power banks. Being environmentally conscious usually comes with a case of sticker shock, and Solgaard products are no different in that regard.

solar affiliate program

URL: Solgaard affiliate program. The Smart Solar Box was discovered by accident like every other product on ClickBank during an emergency. Preppers and off-grid hobbyists love this type of material, as will eco-warriors, so you have three pretty big target audiences to work with straight away. This means your referrals will need to buy backend products to push your commissions up.

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They now manufacture portable solar generators, solar panel kits, power banks, lanterns, and a full range of accessories. And if the S ever does HTF then your visitors will be glad they have a solar option to keep the lights on. URL: Goal Zero affiliate program. URL: Soliom affiliate program. No roundup of solar-powered products would be complete without mentioning Tesla at least once.

This is also the point where I get to admit that I have a hero worship problem when it comes to Elon Musk. URL: Tesla affiliate program. Instead, they want to ensure that people — no matter where they live — have the means to provide power, light, and heat for their families. URL: Inergy affiliate program.

In fact, Sun Power has been developing and delivering solar power systems for homes and businesses since the s. The problem was that older solar panels were massively inefficient, and there was also no practical way to store excess power.

But times have changed, solar panel efficiency is vastly better, and there are a number of battery storage options available. What makes them different is that you can forget about trying to cobble together a system made up of parts from multiple companies. Instead, your visitors can get a complete solar power generation and storage solution directly from Sun Power.Solar Energy is becoming a popular energy alternative as people are looking for clean and environmentally friendly energy resource solutions.

Around 1. States like California now require new homes to install solar panels to create more renewable energy sources. Solar energy products can also be used as battery chargers, generators, ovens, rechargeable lights and more. It's getting more and more popular as people force themselves to adopt this technology out of a desire to be environmentally friendly, or just out of convenience, as with products like solar-powered security cameras and landscape lighting!

Here are 10 great solar energy affiliate programs. SunJack creates portable solar chargers so you charge your devices anywhere even in the backcountry. The SunJack is a powerful portable solar charger that lets you stay powered anywhere. It can charge phones, tablets, and other electronics like GoPros and JawBone devices. The SunJack was designed to make life easier for survivalists, travelers, military personnel, preppers, and more. Their clients include the U.

Army, the U. Marine Corps. SunJack has recently partnered with ShareASale to manage their affiliate program. To sign up, search for SunJack in the merchants section. Affiliates have access to banner ads, text links, frequent coupons, monthly product giveaways and tracking tools.

GoGreenSolar helps people generate their own clean, renewable energy with the solar panel kits. GoGreenSolar is a trusted provider of solar panels and solar panel kits. They help people generate their own clean, renewable energy and reduce their electricity bills.

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Affiliates has access to creatives, their data feed, and reporting tools. Their dedicated affiliate management team is available to help answer any questions. Affiliates can leverage their brand to help boost sales. Inergy's Kodiak solar generator is the most lightweight portable unit available. Inergy makes award winning solar powered generators for your home or the backcountry.

There most popular product is the Kodiak solar generator, the most lightweight portable unit on the market.

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Their customers include campers, RVers, survivalists, and more. Inergy uses ShareASale as their affiliate management system. They provide all the marketing materials and tools affiliates need to get started. Outdoor Solar Lamps sells high quality, top rated outdoor solar lights at affordable prices. Outdoor Solar Lamps offers high end, quality outdoor solar lights at competitive prices. Their vision is to help their customers illuminate their homes with abundant free energy from the sun.

BioLite Affiliate Program

Outdoor solar lights are easy to installs and the most economical, environment friendly solution. Customers receive a great selection of top rated solar LED lights, free shipping and excellent customer service.

They have partnered with ShareASale to manage their affiliate program.

solar affiliate program

Outdoor Solar Lamps provides their affiliates with all the marketing materials and tools they need to get started. Overland Solar is an employee owned and operated company that manufactures portable solar systems.

Everest Climbers. Overland Solar uses AvantLink to manage their affiliate program. They provide marketing materials, regular promotions, tracking tools, and other affiliate resources.

Overland Solar has a strong following of loyal customers and a rapidly growing brand awareness which can help increase conversion rates.Display highly relevant and dynamic product recommendations in a stylishly designed, responsive and mobile-optimized ad unit. Get Links and Banners. Locale: United States United States. United Kingdom.

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United Arab Emirates. Profit from our experience. Join Now for Free. Earth's biggest selection. One online store.

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It's easy and free to join. Get up and running today. Just one approval to join — no third-party advertiser approvals. Choose from over a million products to advertise to your customers.

Whether you are a large network, content site or blogger, we have simple linking tools to meet your advertising needs and help you monetize your web site. Earn advertising fees from Qualifying Purchases, not just the products you advertised. Plus, our competitive conversion rates help you maximize your earnings. What's New. Boost your earnings with Native Shopping Ads Display highly relevant and dynamic product recommendations in a stylishly designed, responsive and mobile-optimized ad unit.

Get Started. Follow Us YouTube.Affiliate Marketers also have the option of becoming Affiliate Ambassadors by inviting other professionals within their network to become Suntuity Solar Affiliate Marketers. Payouts occur as soon as Suntuity enrolls a referral and conducts an external home survey.

Affiliates have to simply setup an initial introduction to their referrals, and our sales teams will then educate and enroll their referrals into the program through the use of phone and video consultations. Solar savings, long term price protection and energy storage programs are always available for qualified customers that seek peace of mind during times of uncertainty. About Suntuity Solar Suntuity Solar is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Suntuity and brings clean, affordable residential solar power to homeowners across the US.

Suntuity, founded inis part of the Suntuity Group of companies that develops, finances, builds, owns and operates residential, commercial, and utility-scale renewable energy solutions around the world.

Top 10 Solar Energy Affiliate Programs To Help The Environment And Your Pockets

The company is strategically positioned with industry-leading financing and technology that streamlines renewable energy as a viable energy alternative for several mainstream power options.

With innovative financing solutions, in-depth technical expertise and a global presence, Suntuity consistently delivers best-in-class products, services and solutions. The Suntuity Group of companies cover multiple verticals in the renewable energy and technology space including financing, manufacturing, sourcing, EPCM, electrical and UAV drone services. Disclaimer: The information in this release has been included in good faith and is for general purposes only.

It should not be relied upon for any specific purpose and no representation or warranty is given as regards to its accuracy or completeness. No information in this press release shall constitute an invitation to invest in neither Suntuity Solar nor any of its affiliates. All Trademarks are the property of their individual owners.

Resourcefulness can help us all endure and even thrive during this unprecedented era. Thinking of new ways to keep ourselves, our families, and our communities secure is a reality we are faced with more and more every day. Each of As the threat of climate change becomes more and more of a reality, the push for mass renewable energy adoption is becoming more and more imperative.

There is extensive reputable research at our fingertips that very clearly outlines the environmental Adjusting back to civilian life is a challenge for any military veteran, especially when it comes to finding gainful employment. The Solar Foundation has partnered with the U. Don't let your electricity bills trick you this Halloween.

Standby power, also known as "vampire power", "vampire draw", "phantom load" or "ghost load", refers to energy that is consumed by appliances and other equipment when turned off. It's often used Suntuity Solar, the residential solar division of the Suntuity Group of companies with its US headquarters in New Jersey, has announced its expansion of full-suite service offerings to eligible homeowners in various South Carolina communities including Greenville and Columbia while


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